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We are creators of Lille, an end-to-end, full cycle, fully automated, data-science based product, offering Intelligent content generation capabilities, both auto and on-demand mimicking the human creativity in its ability to produce and publish.

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According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information. Nearly all data generated in businesses is in the form of language, but few today have the resources to leverage it.
In 2020, the amount of data in the world was estimated at 44 zettabytes. (we, too, find these unit of measures confusing). By 2025, the amount of data generated each day is expected to reach 463 exabytes globallyReading intelligently while searching for information is going to become an even bigger problem, if it isn’t solved.
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Lille – its Methodology

Lille is created out of extensive research. The heart of the product is the taxonomy built out of applying supervised machine learning (ML) and natural language processing(NLP) to parse, analyze, classify large volumes of data, used in both professional and personal life across 14 sectors of the economy.
According to Gartner’s Annual Chief Data Office Survey, poor data literacy is ranked as the second biggest internal roadblock to the success of the CDO’s office.
Lille with its use of artificial intelligence (AI),  supervised and unsupervised machine learning (ML) coupled with natural language processing (NLP) enables automated analysis of text and transcribed data, its synthesis into useful outputs, and provides transparency by explaining the data that was used to make informed decisions. Without the use of AI, this large volume of data is unavailable to any analysis unless a rigorous or expensive approach requiring human intensive analysis is adopted.

Lille – Its differentiation

Versus Information Retrieval Engines
Web search engines cannot save, store, analyze, update, taxonomize, link or answer specific questions related to you or for data contained in your internal enterprise tools or private files.
Personal knowledge management (PKM) platforms (like Evernote, Roam Research) can store, save, create notes but cannot parse content, transform, taxonomize, link or help discover new insights
Versus manual reading to analyze content for knowledge absorption
Lille with its inbuilt precise retrieval engine brings highly relevant feed to the top of your funnel already reducing the noise of too much information. It then reads and analyzes hundreds of pages in a few minutes saving hours. It applies advanced algorithms to read and analyze data where it parses and creates linked taxonomies, thereby rendering data for further analysis to make more informed decisions. 
Versus contemporary search techniques
Lille has been designed to analyze while conducting searches. It replaces contemporary keyword-based search techniques which are found in apps, cloud data storage tools, intranets, and website. Contemporary search techniques scan the title line of stored files to select the few that contain the keyword. Pluaris, on the other hand, opens, reads, finds, and analyzes relevant content contained within multiple files from different data sources while conducting the search.
Practical Design Considerations for Automation
We are a group of highly experienced leadership team with decades of experience in building successful technology companies. While Lille is an end-to-end and a fully automated platform, it has been uniquely designed to allow for human-machine interactions to edit entries in the linked taxonomy should our algorithms make mistakes. There are infinite relations between words. As an example, Apple may be a computer, fruit, or name of a person. It is not possible for any algorithm to get all entries of linked taxonomy always relating words to their context right. Lille allows for quick corrections as you work. It allows you to quickly synthesize outputs from the data analyzed with an inbuilt smart notebook.
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“I need to stay on top of the latest news of my customers and industry to write about them.”

Lille automatically retrieves and analyzes publicly available reports, news, and analysis on your topics of interest every day, so that you can quickly scroll through the auto generated daily Blog feed on your phone, tablet or laptop, while finishing your morning coffee.

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“I have to come up to speed on a new topic as quickly as possible."

Upload a few related websites and documents to Lille and within minutes you are exploring this new area of interest, scanning the ideas, gaining new insights about this topic, and finding new keywords to broaden your search and deepen your understanding. 

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“I want to access earlier information and compare it with my latest updates."

As you continue to add more and more information to the system over time, Lille never forgets. You are building a knowledge base of the information that is most relevant to you. Lille Builds Intelligent content.

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